Steve Hart is not only a speaker but a professional magician and a life coach. Click on the words below.   

Steve Hart, motivational speaker, a wizard of self-discovery, self-management and a personal development expert.

His programs are about empowering individuals to reach their full potential and to know how to capitalize upon their strengths. 

“Unless a team member knows what they have to offer...its not always easy to work with others on a team. But when you know who you are...the game changes. You reach new goals and you exceed your boundaries.” ~ Steve Hart

Give your group a profitable experience, one they will never forget. Information they can easily use and put to work for themselves.

For the past 15 years Steve has has spoken in corporate board room, business meetings, sales meetings, association meetings, convention break out classes, and educational institutions.

He has given keynotes for conventions, Chamber meetings, and employee appreciation banquets. 

He holds an audience’s attention by using props, and visual aides to illustrate his message. Steve loves to get the audience involved by asking questions, making people think, providing group exercises during his programs. He delivers his message with a good sense of humor, warmth, and kindness.

Steve is easy to work with, dependable, entertaining, and enjoyable. Your group will thank you for having Steve as a speaker for your next event.




1970 Agora Cir. SE #102

Palm Bay, FL 32909 USA


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