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Steve Hart is not only a speaker but a professional magician and a life coach. Click on the words below.   
You need entertainment?

Are you looking for an entertainer who knows how to hold an audience's attention, get them involved and make them laugh?

Steve Hart has become an expert at entertaining audiences. He has worked conventions,
colleges, fairs, festivals, TV, comedy clubs and cruise ships. He has traveled across America to all four corners From N.Y.C. to Hollywood, from Miami to Seattle, OR.

He has developed his own brand of comedy magic with his outrageous sense of humor and his skillful sleight of hand.

 In 2001 he was awarded the  International Comedy Excellence
 award and in 2009 he was given the  Order of Merlin by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Steve's Magic & Comedy has been a crowd pleaser for over 25 years. You can depend upon Steve to give you a professional performance, one that you and your audience will be delighted to have witnessed.

"The Magic of Laughter" program for senior/boomer groups:

Contact Steve for rates and available dates:


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